Bioactive Ceramics

Bioactive ceramics for architectural applications are an innovative kind of environment-friendly products from Casalgrande that can independently interface with the environment to create a number of virtuous processes.

Chemical and biological reactions that have an air pollutant reducing and antibacterial effect trigger the self-cleaning of the surfaces, thus remarkably contributing to improving the quality of the (internal or external) micro-environment in which the ceramics are installed.

Such processes take naturally place thanks to the materials and treatments, without any electricity or energy, and without having to renew the compounds necessary to prolongue the reaction.

  • bios Self-Cleaning®

    A range of ceramic slabs, produced under a Master Agreement with TOTO, designed and developed for exterior facings. With the special HYDROTECT®treatment, sunlight triggers a reaction in the bios Self-Cleaning® that reduces airborne pollutants and decomposes the dirt on the tile surface, so it can be washed away by rainwater due to its super-hydrophilic ceramic surface.
  • bios Antibacterial HYDROTECT®

    Developed in partnership with TOTO, combining the antibacterial properties of noble metals with the properties of titanium dioxide. In interior applications where lighting conditions are unable to trigger the photo-catalytic/antibacterial reaction , the addition of a noble metal-based treatment gives the tiles antibacterial properties and the ability to remove bacteria and smells even without any light. The treatment is optionally available on any range in the Casalgrande Padana catalogue.
  • bios Antibacterial GRANITOGRES®

    Patented by Casalgrande Padana, the result of a research project in partnership with the Department of Biomedical Science, Microbiology Section, of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. An innovative silver-based antibacterial treatment applied on the slabs removes the main bacterial strains, even without any light. The difference is that such treatment is applied all through the body of the tiles, so their antibacterial power will not diminish over time. bios Antibacterial GRANITOGRES® is therefore particularly suitable for high-traffic areas. The treatment is optionally available on the Granitogres range only.

Main Features

Below are the main benefits of the technology

Removal of the 4 main bacteria types
Low Maintenance
Long-term efficiency

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